Alt-Sheff News The guide to Sheffield's radical, alternative, ethical business and groups Fight the (Fracking) Power! January 2018 *** The new situation with Bramleymoor Lane - more objections please!INEOS are trying to be very clever by filing a new Planning Application with Derbyshire County Council for exploratory drilling at Bramleymoor Lane. Because it is going to be treated effectively as a new application, new objections to this must be sent to Derbyshire County Council, ideally by Thursday 1st February. To read more and find the draft for objection letters, see the website below. Sheffield Climate Alliance - Bramleymoor Lane Sheffield Environment Weeks 2018 *** Sheffield can be proud of the hundreds of activities that make up Sheffield Environment Weeks, which has run for many years. They range from talks on a range of subjects, to projects like urban agriculture and wildlife conservation. Volunteers do the hard work, and to get involved see the timetable on the website.Programme entries for Environment Week 2018 to be submitted by the end of February 2018 please.The main activity in 2018 runs from Saturday 28th April to Sunday 10th June, but events go on all year round.Sheffield Environment Weeks Shirle Hill seeks residents January 2018 *** Shirle Hill co-housing is a group of people who have purchased the historic Shirle Hill House in Nether Edge. They are converting it into shared facilities and flats, and building five new houses to high environmental standards. Late last year they advertised for further residents who can buy in to this project for shared living.Shirle Hill on Facebook Save Sherwood Forest from fracking January 2018 *** Friends of The Earth report that INEOS have gone back on a promise made last spring, and actually signed a secret agreement with the government allowing them to take their explosives and thumper trucks into the forest! Please sign the petition to put pressure on the Secretary of State for the Environment to intervene, here: Friends of The Earth petition Hope for the Future needs a new Trustee January 2018 *** "Hope for the Future" are looking for a Voluntary Chair of Trustees. The organisation that brings politicians and communities together to take action on climate change need someone who has a range of skills and can commit for 4 days a month. For more information and contact details, see their post through Volunteer Centre page: VC Connect City centre and Darnall cycle routes discussed January 2018 *** Cycle Sheffield has responded to the Council designs for City Centre (Trippet and Portobello) and Darnall cycle route designs. You can read their submissions on the links below.Trippet and Portobello cycle routeDarnall cycle route Right to Remain Toolkit available January 2018 *** The Right to Remain Toolkit is a unique, plain language guide to the UK asylum and immigration system. It is a great resource, available free of charge to unfunded community groups and people with little or no money. Donations are requested from groups and indiviauls that can afford it, to allow keeping it available free of charge to unfunded community groups and people with little or no money. Place your orders here: Right to Remain ToolkitOnline version of the Toolkit: Right to Remain online version Jepps Books in the Winter Gardens January 2018 *** The well-loved Jepps Books now has a pop-up shop space in the Winter Gardens for the whole of January at least, six days a week. Radical books, badges, posters and various left-wing things for sale. Longer term the plan is for a permanent shop. At a time when we really need hope for a better future, Jepps Books is doing its best in spreading alternative ideas.Jepps Books Fight against inequality 19th to 26th of January 2018 *** From the 19th to 26th of January the rich and powerful will be meeting in Davos. Hardly reported in the media, these elites meet at a grand Swiss resort mountain, while grassroots activists across the world will speak up from mountains of a different sort - the garbage mountains and open pit mines where 15 million people live - to fight inequality for dignity for all. As this has so often been a meeting of empty words and gestures, the Fight Inequality Alliance is organising a global protest for change. There are a range of activities, culminating in a day of action on Thursday 25th January.Sheffield Equality Group invites you to join the fight against inequality from 19th to the 26th January in one or more of the following ways:1. Take a picture holding a sign with the Fight Inequality Alliance logo (link) and post to social media2. Make a 30-60 second video about what inequality means to you and post it to social media3. Write on inequality - a short blog, poem, story, or sentence4. Follow and share as many of the #FightInequality social media posts as possible5. Send/link anything you create to and they will spread the word!