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Share Instead Housing Co-op has a vacancy

October 2019

Share Instead Housing Co-op is a five-member mutual housing co-op living in a spacious old house in Sharrow/Nether Edge with a large garden. They make decisions by consensus and aim to keep rent below the maximum paid by Housing Benefit. They eat together on weekday evenings, taking turns to prepare a vegan meal and share the costs of food, maintenance costs, bills, and also share the work involved in running the co-op and caring for the house.

Share Instead has a core aim of working towards a more peaceful, sustainable and fairer world. They want the co-op to be a place that supports members in activities which help to build such a world. The co-op is a member of Radical Routes secondary co-op, a network of trading and housing co-ops with similar values.

If you are interested in joining, please email for more details and how to apply. The process takes a couple of months, and involves staying for a week.

Share Instead in Radical Routes directory

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