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Fireside Housing Co-op has spaces

Autumn 2019

Fireside Housing Co-op has single rooms in a couple of their houses. At present there are 10 adult members and a baby. Members’ outside interests range from gardening to music, cycling to campaign work.

There is also a vacancy for a family, available from late winter 2020. There are other children living on the street, and members want to continue having a child/children here. (Some of their children grew into adults and stayed!)

Rent is ÂŁ55/week per adult, plus bills and a contribution to an income-sharing pot (which pays insurance, water rates and internet costs).

If you are interested in living in a Housing Co-op please get in contact (Sheff 2206322 or email for more information. Applicants are invited to come and visit and start the process of getting to know each other and sharing what it’s like to live there. This can be lengthy as it takes time for all members to get to know applicants, and vice versa, and Co-op decision meetings are only monthly.

Fireside details on Diggers and Dreamers

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