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Enviro-pressure on City Council

December 2018

There is more environmental pressure on Sheffield City Council, as Sheffield Climate Alliance has turned its massive attention towards our poor quality air.

In November a proposed “clean air zone”, was announced, which is now going through committee stages, and the inevitable arguments with taxi drivers. Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Transport and Development was handed the "Safe School Streets for Sheffield" petition at the monthly Full Council meeting on 5th December. (He spoke in favour of clean air, which is only right.) Along with the trees protest, and attention/pressure from walkers, cyclists, users of the parks, and even vocal objections to proposed destructive ’development’ of the much-loved General Cemetery, they are surely focussed on the city environment now.

Online, the Council’s ’latest news’ for 5th December (day of the Full Council) read: "Leader says: Big employers in the region create great opportunities". Julie Dore has apparently been in conversation with the Editor of the Sheffield Star, Nancy Fielder, and Rotherham Council’s Chris Read, at an event on McLaren and Boeing moving to the region.

Oh dear.

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