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Victory of Sheffield girl Vs Tesco

Summer 2016

14 year old Lucy Gavaghan from Sheffield launched a petition in February on to end the sale of eggs from caged hens in Tesco. Her activism and energy attracted national media coverage and tens of thousands of signatories. Tesco, Asda and Morrisons promised to end the barabaric practice by 2025, and she is continuing the pressure throughout the industry.

Caged hens spend 72 weeks cramped in restrictive cages, unable to spread their wings or experience the outside world. After this, many of the hens are barely feathered and close to death. The space per hen is little larger than an A4 sheet of paper. For big business production there is often very little difference between the lives of battery hens, "enriched cage" and "free-range". Hens are routinely debeaked to prevent injury to one another – a problem caused by intensive living conditions. Chickens raised to lay eggs are bred to be as skinny as possible to save space, and 40 million born male are killed every year because they do not lay eggs and are too thin for meat. All major egg producers kill the hens once their best laying days are over, mostly around 18 months old or less – just a fraction of their natural lifespan. Eggs are a completely unnecessary foodstuff, and if bought from a supermarket, whatever the farming method, mean pain, suffering and ultimately the death of more hens.

Lucy has worked very hard to win an important victory on the road towards ending inhumane farming. It is inspiring that a young person can achieve this, and important to keep fighting for a complete change.

Lucy Gavaghan on

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