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Petition to ban slum landlords in Sheffield.

March 2019

The situation for tenants in Sheffield is unacceptable. Most of us struggle to get landlords to carry out basic repairs and far too many houses are not fit for human habitation. Mould, major safety issues, and rip-off landlords are common across private rented houses. ACORN, a union for the community has defended tenants facing illegal evictions or without things as basic as a front door or a kitchen. Defending members is important and necessary, but policy changes are also needed to ensure houses meet a minimum standard for the tens of thousands who rent in Sheffield.

The council has introduced selective licensing in some areas to protect tenants - but the problem covers the whole city of Sheffield. ACORN is demanding that the scheme is expanded to protect tenants across the entire city. Please read the details and sign the petition at the link below.

ACORN petition

Dan Jarvis: Save our bus services!

Spring 2019

Since privatisation by the Conservatives in 1986, bus use here has halved, despite the pollution and climate problems. In London it has doubled. Government transport funding per person is £4,155 in London, but only £844 in South Yorkshire (source: IPPR North report, Jan 2019).

Sheffield Green Party is promoting a petition urging more money and public control, and various improvements. It is aimed at Mayor Dan Jarvis, who has powers to manage our bus services.

We urge you to please sign the petition. For further information contact or call 07891 484683.

Save Our South Yorkshire Buses petition

Fears for Zimbabweans in Sheffield

February 2019

Update Feb 2019: Victor Mujakachi was released from detention on 15th February and given a three month period in which he will not be deported. Read his moving message at this link: ASSIST Sheffield

Following worries about asylum seekers being asked ‘distressing’ questions by a Zimbabwean Embassy official invited to Sheffield by the Home Office to interrogate them in December, the worst fears may now be realised. Two Zimbabwean nationals, who have lived in Britain for years, have been detained and are threatened with deportation to Zimbabwe.

Victor Mujakachi
and Khozani Ndvolu were held when they went to Vulcan House, the Home Office building in Sheffield, for an ‘interview’ on Monday 11th February. Several other Zimbabweans have been asked to attend Vulcan House over the next week, so fears are also high for their safety.

Zimbabwean asylum seekers have called for protests to support them when they go to Vulcan House. The UK government seems ready to deport Zimbabweans who are well-known and well-liked community activists, and at a time of political violence. The new Zimbabwean government of Emerson Mnangagwa seems to be as repressive as Robert Mugabe’s. There should be no deportations to Zimbabwe. Our asylum system should give protection to those who need it, not hand them over to torture or death.

Please sign the petition to release Victor Mujakachi from detention at

Join the demonstration on Tuesday 19th February 2019, 9am at Vulcan House, Sheffield Home Office, Millsands S3 8NU

South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG)

Sheffield People´s Petition

Autumn 2018, petition open until Sep. 2019

A petition is aiming to improve the system Sheffield Council uses to make decisions. It urges a referendum to move from the current undemocratic "strong leader" system (just 10 councillors have the power to make nearly all decisions) to a modern committee system where all councillors have real power to represent the communities that elected them. This is a big issue for local democracy, it was covered in an Alt-Sheff article in Now Then magazine.

The petition is being run by It´s Our City, a non-party-political community network in Sheffield.

UPDATE December 2018

Feedback shows there is a big gap in people’s knowledge of how the Council works under the strong leader. Virtually everyone does not know that the power to make nearly all decisions is in the hands of just 10 out of the 84 elected councillors. People are genuinely shocked, and about 80%+ support and sign the petition for change, which is heading towards half of the total necessary signatures.

What can you do?
SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER help on the campaign Communities, Social Media, Publicity or IT teams:
DELIVER LEAFLETS in your local area/on named streets, email if you can do this.
INVITE "It’s Our City" TO YOUR COMMUNITY GROUP to talk for five minutes and to have a discussion about Sheffield People’s Petition, email:
GET PAPER PETITION SHEETS by emailing, and gather signatures from your friends, street, neighbours, colleagues.
JOIN in ongoing street stalls, events, signature collecting all around Sheffield (details posted on Facebook group “It’s Our City! Sheffield”).
SPREAD THE WORD as much as you can, and keep spreading it - ask questions, and stay informed!

A Christmas Single has been made by ‘Jumping’ Jason Leman!

It´s Our City Petition

Extinction Rebellion swarming

March 2019

On Tuesday 19th March Extinction Rebellion blocked the rush-hour traffic at the crossing outside the train station on Sheaf Street, Sheffield, in the top 10 most polluted places in Britain. Swarming onto the road for seven minutes at a time, they talked to drivers.

The objective is pressure on the Council to act on climate crisis with a Climate Emergency Motion. Further events include non-violent direct action training on 6th April (details on Events page) leading up to their major campaign in mid-April.

Sheffield Extinction Rebellion on Facebook

Sheffield Stop and Scrap Universal Credit launch

February 2019

Sheffield Trades Council, the progressive voice of Sheffield’s trade union movement is calling for support for the campaign to Stop and Scrap Universal Credit, which affects us all. They ask supporting organisations to collaborate, signing up to the following objectives, as agreed at an initial meeting held on 17th January 2019.

  • To run a coordinated and collaborative campaign across Sheffield aimed at stopping and scrapping Universal Credit
  • To maximise the number of organisations and people who are involved in the campaign
  • To develop a programme of targeted campaign days around the city in different locations including outside Job Centres, markets and shopping areas
  • To increase awareness of the broad impact of Universal Credit on households in Sheffield affecting not just the unemployed, but also those on low pay and/or part time work, including families with children, pensioners etc.
  • To draw attention to the fact that Universal Credit is the culmination of a sustained attack on social security support which has suffered £37B of austerity cuts since 2010
  • To directly involve Sheffield citizens in the campaign with the message “this affects us all”, and seek their support.
  • To provide signposting and initial support to those directly affected
  • To articulate the alternative to Universal Credit – i.e. a social security system based on rights and humanity, not blame and punishment, that genuinely supports individuals and families with dignity when in need and unable to support themselves financially, so that all may live at an acceptable minimum decency threshold.
If your organisation can agree to sign up to the above objectives, please email Martin Mayer, Sheffield TUC Secretary via

Sheffield Trades Council

Performers wanted for climate change

Jan/Feb 2019

Extinction Rebellion Sheffield are asking for musicians, bands or DJs, and venues which might want to help, to run a fundraising gig. This is in the run-up to the declared Rebellion on the week beginning April 15th, planned as a mass protest about the state not dealing with the climate emergency.

They are also keen to arrange a screening of "wetheuncivilised", a significant new film featuring conversations with grassroots activists and leading figures of the UK ecological movement.

Please do get in touch if you think you can help with this:

Extinction Rebellion
Extinction Rebellion Sheffield group on Facebook

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