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Wed 2 Jun 2010, 5pm Sheffield Town Hall

Four Israeli war ships have surrounded the international flotilla of seven ships bringing aid to Gaza. Satellite signals from the flotilla are being intermittently jammed. The Gaza Freedom Flotilla is 90 miles from the Gaza shores sailing in international waters where Israel has no jurisdiction. The death toll after the Israeli assault on the Gaza aid flotilla is now reported to be over 20. The attack took place in international waters, making it a major violation of international law. Imagine the response if such an attack had been carried out by Iran. We would now be at war.Once again Israel is breaking international law and committing piracy.  It has long threatened this peaceful flotilla, and is now determined to stop it from reaching its destination. Approximately 700 civilians are on board the seven ships, of whom 28 are British citizens. JOIN THE DEMONSTRATION IN SHEFFIELD - EMAIL/TEXT OTHERS TO JOIN IN ON WEDNESDAYSee more information,com_frontpage/Itemid,1Keep up to date with events regarding the flotilla via and

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