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Talk: The Plundered Planet

Thur 17 Jun 2010, 6pm Convocation Hall, Octagon Centre, Western Bank

Professor Paul Collier, Professor of Economics & Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economies at Oxford University and a former Director of Development Research at the World Bank builds upon his work on developing countries and the poorest populations to confront the issues involving natural assets. Proper stewardship of these assets is a matter of planetary urgency: unregulated exploitation of natural resources accelerates global warming, over-burdens world food markets, exacerbates existing unrest, and leads to new and ever more desperate armed conflicts. 'The Plundered Planet' charts a course between unchecked profiteering on the one hand, and environmental romanticism on the other to offer realistic and sustainable solutions to these dauntingly complex issues. To book a place to attend this lecture please complete the booking form at:

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