Workshop: Beyond Capitalism: Common Wealth for a sustainable society

Date, Time & Location Sat 22 May 2010, 10am-1pm Freeman College, Freeman College, Stirling Works, 88 Arundel St, S1 2NG
Details Martin Large’s new book, Common Wealth describes society emerging from market failure, with practical solutions, good stories, resources, maps and ways of transforming communities, business and government. One key is to build on the heritage of the Sheffield Settlement and Britain’s co-op, mutual movements. This workshop is an opportunity for exploring practical openings for change. How can we push back the market from the state and from culture, such as freeing schools and universities from government control? Or end the commercialisation of childhood? Questions can be explored such as: Community supported agriculture and land trusteeship, mutualising the financial sector and the utilities, democratic transformation of government, securing more equality e.g. through the citizen’s basic income, using trisectoral partnerships between civil society, government and business for holistic, sustainable development, communities across the world acting glocaly. What could be more important to our time than re-establishing the fundamentals for sustainable common wealth? Workshop with Dr Neil Ravenscroft, Professor of Land Economy, University of Brighton; Director of Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Farm CSA. Follows talk and book launch previous day. Common Wealth was published January 2010, see Venue: Freeman College, Stirling Works, 88, Arundel St, (NOT Arundel Gate!) Sheffield S1 2NG. Admission free for both events, but if you want to contribute to the expenses, that would be most welcome.