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University of Sheffield power protest

Fri 13 Mar 2020, 10am, next to the University Arts Tower, Western Bank

UoS Energy Switch is calling upon the University of Sheffield to commit to switch to a low-carbon electricity supplier in its next energy procurement agreement. The university produces world class sustainability research, has divested from fossil fuels, and has developed the 2018 Sustainability Strategy. But currently the University procures its electricity from a biomass-burning generator, which is not a low-carbon energy source. Worse, it has refused to reveal details of a secretly constructed gas-burning power plant on campus, apparently euphemistically called "Transformer".Large institutions like the University of Sheffield must take the lead in reducing their carbon emissions, changing to a sustainable energy supplier is an obvious step towards this goal. In the 2018 Sustainability Strategy, the University made a commitment to consider the feasibility of switching to a "low-carbon" energy supplier. More more information about where the University currently gets it energy, why biomass has a high carbon footprint, and how they could switch to a low-carbon energy supplier, in: this briefing.UoS Energy Switch

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