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Socialists and Building the Resistance in 2020

Thu 9 Jan 2020, 7pm, Central United Reformed Church, 60 Norfolk Row S1 2JB

A Sheffield Socialist Workers Party meeting. 2019 may well go down as the year of global revolt - all over the world from Chile to Lebanon to Haiti to France - ordinary people are rising up against austerity and neoliberalism. In the UK, we've just witnessed the crushing defeat of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn in the general election, leaving thousands of progressive socialists feeling demoralised, so what are the prospects for socialists in 2020? The Tories will be confident to start an all-out attack on ordinary people - they've already signalled their intentions by banning all-out rail strikes in a huge threat to working people. The NHS, welfare and housing will continue to be privatised and come under threat. How do we build resistance in our workplaces, communities and on the streets? How do we keep up the fight for a fairer society?Join Sheffield Socialist Workers Party to discuss these questions, and how to build the resistance.

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