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Andrew Ross: "Stone Men - the Palestinians who built Israel"

Mon 28 Oct 2019, 7.30pm, Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James St. S1 2EW

Scottish-born Professor Andrew Ross of New York University speaks about his book "Stone Men - the Palestinians who built Israel". A lifelong radical activist, he has (among many other campaigns) helped to organise to raise migrant labour standards in the United Arab Emirates. Of the new book he says: "Sadly, there is not an extensive literature on Palestinian livelihoods. Palestine-watchers are focused on other things—land theft, demolitions, population displacement, soldier brutality, mass incarceration, the spread of settlements—and all for very good reasons. As a result, perhaps, there is less knowledge about what working-class people, especially, do to put food on the table every day for their families. I wanted to help fill that gap in attention"Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign

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