Global Climate Strikes

Date, Time & Location Fri 27 Sep 2019
Details This is the final Friday of the week of Climate Strike around the world (over 150 countries). It is a fight for human rights, equity, and justice as we go into a dangerous future, which affects us all. What happens next is up to us. The biggest climate mobilisation in history simply won’t be enough if it stops this week, and people just go home. To keep up the pressure, the school strike groups will continue to organise - see Fridays For Future. Note that from 7th October, Extinction Rebellion (XR) is organising 2 weeks of action and resistance, The International Rebellion. This will be in major capital cities, and Sheffield is sending over 100 people to London. But if you are staying in Sheffield, you can keep in touch with XR and offer to help, by attending Monday meetings (from 6pm at Union Street co-working space), or email Global Climate Strike