Pseudo-Random Divinatory reading and making: a neurodivergent workshop

Date, Time & Location Tue 17 Sep 2019, 12 noon-5pm, Access Space, AVEC Building, 3-7 Sidney St. S1 4RG
Details Hestia Peppé is a neuro-atypical artist, researcher and writer, working on a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University. In July this year she was Access Space Artist in Residence, exploring divinatory, oracular and speculative approaches to reading and making in relation to neurodiversity. Divination is the name given to the ways in which people have, throughout history, sought answers to questions for which they otherwise unable to determine an answer. Common forms of divination are pendulum dowsing, tarot card reading, palm reading, and the I Ching. Artists, writers, readers, and makers are invited to come together to explore the potential of working with the mistakes, troubles, and mysteries of process rather than against them. To examine ideas in relation to divination such as: debugging hacking self diagnosis This afternoon workshop will introduce the ancient and resurgent practice of divination in relation to the computational application of pseudo-randomness in contemporary technology. Try out some divinatory gestures and methods, and investigate what can open up in process when we do not attach significance to "outcomes" or "mastery". Discussion will consider the challenges presented by divination to "goal directed" assumptions about "making" in relation to the emerging paradigm of neurodiversity, which through the self-diagnosis and self-advocacy of neuro-atypical people seeks to understand and support "all kinds of minds". Neurodiversity is understood to be intersectional with existing movements in disability, decolonisation, anti-racism, anti-fascism, feminism, climate justice, and LGBTQIA and worker solidarity. Workshop places £5, bookable via the link below. Eventbrite booking