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Extinction Rebellion: "The Blood of Our Children"

Sat 28 Sep 2019, 12 noon from DINA, 32 Cambridge St. S1 4HP

Extinction Rebellion (XR) Sheffield will be demonstrating with a dramatic funeral march for our future, setting off from DINA Venue at 12.00 noon, to march via Barker's Pool and the Town Hall, and on to Tudor Square. This will involve blocking roads temporarily."The Blood of Our Children" features the first appearance in Sheffield of the enigmatic Red Robes, and symbolic spilling of blood (non-toxic, synthetic). This action will be shocking but it is essential to expose the public to representations of the death of our planet, to raise awareness of the relentless extinctions caused by human activity, to tell the truth about climate change and the ecological emergency.This is not a distant future. It is here and now. There is scientific consensus that we are on course for the sixth mass extinction event in Earth's history. Families are already fleeing their homes due to sea level rise and extreme weather. If we continue the unsustainable practices and government policies, ecosystems will collapse. This will cause suffering, food and water shortages and worse global warming. Humanity's actions are currently catapulting us towards disaster. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the existential threat that our way of living poses to biodiversity and the future of our young people. Everything must change to protect this planet, it's ecosystems and our futures. We must act now."The world is currently heating at a rate beyond all predictions, and yet many people are unaware of the dire implications for our children if we carry on as normal. We hope that by staging this moving event in the heart of Sheffield people will take on board the need for urgent, radical action by our government and councils and the need to change our life styles while there is still time to avert the worst consequences." - Stephanie Howlett, Action Coordinator:Facebook event pageInternational XR website, with links to French, German, Italian and UK websitesExtinction Rebellion Sheffield 

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