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Mon 9 Sep 2019, 7.30-9.30am, Bridgehouses Roundabout

Sheffield City Council has declared a "Climate Emergency" but still plans to widen the ring road at Bridgehouses Roundabout to allow even more traffic and future "growth" in the city. This will increase air pollution and carbon emissions, as road widening always does, in a part of the city which already has rush hours with a terrible, unbreathable atmosphere. It is supposed to be a "£4.6 million traffic-busting scheme".Bridgehouses roundabout is close to the Kelham Island/Nursery Street area of Sheffield, probably named after an iron bridge (more visible to pedestrians and cyclists) linking across the river to Millsands.Join Extinction Rebellion Sheffield to show our Council that this time is not business as usual, they must not force us into an extinction dead end. Join the pressure for the Council to keep promises and take action for survival. A non-arrestable action which will block the roads, communicating with vehicle occupants and the wider population. Stand with them; the time for inaction is over – we know the truth about the climate crisis. It is time to act.Extinction Rebellion (event details)

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