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Boycott the Tour de Yorkshire plastic pollution

May 2019

Frack Free South Yorkshire campaigners are preparing protests at the Tour de Yorkshire over the GB Cycling Team's change of gear. Team Sky will become "Team Ineos" and start pedalling plastic, in Doncaster on Thursday 2nd May. There are 10,000 Jim Ratcliffe masks ready to greet the Tour. The campaign aims to make sure cyclists and supporters are aware of this toxic sponsorship deal, and the threat Ineos poses to Yorkshire, and the oceans. Ineos is the third largest manufacturer of plastics in Europe, is buying the GB team from Sky. It is estimated that 8 million tons of plastic pollution enter the world's oceans every year. Tony Bosworth at Friends of the Earth, accused Ineos of "greenwashing" - the environmental equivalent of reputation laundering. "Cycling is one the UK's most successful and popular sports, but do the likes of Geraint Thomas and Chris Froome really want to be associated with a planet-wrecking company like Ineos?" Some local councillors in Doncaster share his concerns. Some are boycotting the Tour de Yorkshire event in protest at the sponsorship. As Doncaster Councillor Dave Shaw explained: "It is rank hypocrisy that last year Team Sky rode out with an orca whale on their backs, to highlight ocean pollution, but are now the very team accepting money from one of the largest sources of that pollution. So to find out that Ineos, the UK's largest fracking company wants to use the Tour De Yorkshire to launch its sponsorship of the former Sky Cycling team, could not go unchallenged." Ineos also wants to industrialise the Yorkshire countryside with thousands of fracking wells, to help it to make those plastics. It has plans to extract the fossil fuel shale gas by the controversial process of fracking and then burn the gas, producing greenhouse gases. The British cycling team is involved in promoting more plastic and climate change. Do they just not care? Friends of the Earth

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