The Personal is Still Political: a facilitated dialogue

Date, Time & Location Wed 24 Apr 2019, 7pm, 108 The Moor
Details Current social and political issues affect us at every level including in our everyday lives. They are mirrored in our workplaces, in our relationships and even in ourselves. More than ever we need spaces for deeper dialogue, opportunities to hear and try to understand one another. Politicians often present issues in a simple, polarised way, ignoring complexity. Swamped by this kind of news on many important issues, we may find ourselves for or against something, leaving a ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ tag, without deeper reflection - thus reducing ourselves to binary reactions. If this happens constantly, it generates apathy and hopelessness about the future. If you are interested in what creates cohesion or division in Sheffield, join us. You will have the opportunity to engage with others in facilitated dialogue as we explore the topic. Part of Festival of Debate 2019 in association with Cohesion Sheffield, hosted by not-for-profit social enterprise Opus Independents (which also publishes the Alt-Sheff "Localcheck" column in "Now Then" magazine). Free to attend, but please register using the link below. Tickets For Good Festival of Debate