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Sheffield Solidarity with the Stansted 15

Wed 6 Feb 2019, 4.30pm outside Sheffield Home Office, Vulcan House, 6 Millsands S3 8NU

On this day, fifteen people face sentencing at Chelmsford Crown Court for trying to stop a deportation charter flight from Stansted airport to Nigeria. The government have threatened life imprisonment under anti-terrorism laws for people who take action against deportations. This is nothing less than terrorising of activists who acted in good conscience, and potentially saved the lives of some of the people due to be deported on that plane. Many people and organisations share that view including Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott. South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG) are proud to be a part of the international day of action of Solidarity with the Stansted 15. Join them to show support outside the Sheffield Home Office centre.Learn more about deportation charter flights and the Stansted 15 in a beautifully made 20 minute video featuring some of the Stansted 15 defendants, and this report from Sheffield Live about the last protest held at Vulcan House to support them.End DeportationsSouth Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG)

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