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Meeting: Stop and Scrap Universal Credit!

Thu 17 Jan 2019, 12.30pm, United Reform Chapel, Norfolk Street

Sheffield TUC has been asked to try and bring together all those (People's Assembly, the Labour Party, Disabled People Against the Cuts, UNITE Community, etc.) who are campaigning against Universal Credit. The aim is to help create one joined-up coordinated campaign. Universal Credit is only the latest of a series of attacks on the unemployed and working poor since the Tories took office in 2010. Austerity spending cuts, the bedroom Tax, the benefit cap, benefit sanctions, privatized disability assessments, excluding under 25's from Housing Benefit are all part of their ideological drive to shrink the welfare state and, by causing real hardship, starve people to take jobs at any price. See this Guardian article to understand the scale of the benefit cuts we are facing:Welfare spending for UK's poorest shrinks by £37bn This is the second meeting and follows a successful initial meeting held in Trades and Labour Club before Christmas. Everyone who wants to Stop and Scrap Universal Credit is invited to this Campaign Coordinating Meeting. Please bring your ideas to take the campaign forward. The planning will include a new leaflet, organised street protests and stepping up publicity and awareness. If you can't make this meeting please email if you want to be included, and forward to whoever you think might be interested. (Sheffield TUC do not have contacts for everybody).Sheffield Trades Council

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