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Charles Umney: Class Matters

Thu 6 Dec 2018, 6-10pm, Red Haus Books, 232 Abbeydale Rd, Nether Edge S7 1FL

Social class remains a fundamental presence in British life, woven into the very fabric of social and political discourse, undiminished by the end of mass industry; despite use of ┬┤ordinary working people┬┤ and other substitute phrases. A compelling Marxist expression or analysis of class is absent. In "Class Matters", Charles Umney brings Marxist analysis out of the 19th century textiles mill, and into the call centres, office blocks and fast food chains of modern Britain. He shows how core Marxist concepts are vital to understanding increasing pay inequality, decreasing job security, increasing routinisation and managerial control of the labour process. Providing a critical analysis of competing perspectives, Umney argues that class must be understood as a dynamic and exploitative process integral to capitalism - rather than a descriptive categorisation - in order for us to better understand the gains capital has made at the expense of labour over the last four decades.Red Haus Books on Facebook

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