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Talk: Suggestion and the Paranormal

Mon 12 Apr 2010, 7.30pm Lescar Hotel, 303 Sharrow Vale Rd, S11 8ZF

Skeptics in the Pub is about getting people together to have a relaxed and enjoyable evening while listening to talks on a wide range of topics, usually by a notable scientist or skeptic. Talks are typically about a common belief that can be demonstrated to be false or cannot be justified by the available evidence. They usually meet at the Lescar pub, from 7.30pm. all welcome.This month Michael Heap talks about suggestion and suggestibility and their relation to hypnosis, unusual and paranormal claims and practices, psychic pendulum, the ouija board, table turning, facilitated communication and dowsing or water divining etc. Michael Heap is a clinical forensic psychologist in private practice and at Wathwood Medium Secure Hospital in Rotherham. He is a founding member of the Association for Skeptical Enquiry (ASKE) and is its current Chairman and Secretary.

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