'Getting Your Community Heard' workshop

Date, Time & Location Wed 10 Mar 2010, 9.30-2.30 at SYAC Business & Enterprise Training Centre, 120 Wicker, S3 8JD
Details OFFER (the Community Empowerment Network for Sheffield) is working with the City Council’s Community Assemblies Team to hold a series of workshops – one in each of the 7 Community Assembly areas across Sheffield over the course of Feb & March. This workshop is for people in the North East Community Assembly Area. Each workshop brings together local people to explore how local needs/issues/problems are identified and fed into the decision making structures (eg. Community Assemblies, City Council, Police Action Community Teams etc) by community activists. How is the communications process working? Attendance is free, lunch is provided and voluntary and community reps travel/childcare costs incurred can be can reimbursed. Full programme and booking at www.offer.org.uk/events Or tel OFFER on Sheff 2536730