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Is Clean Coal An Act Of Faith?

Wed 3 Mar 2010, 7.30pm for 8pm start, University Arms, at 197 Brook Hill, near University of Sheffield

Talk by Sheffield Humanist Society, all welcome. Climate change is a big issue and the recent disputes about some of the research have not undermined the general consensus that the changes are real and that humans are a major factor in the changes. Our actions have an impact well beyond our borders and time. This is both a practical and a moral issue of concern to humanists: how much risk should we take for other people, future generations and the wider environment to maintain our social structures and wellbeing?The central problem is that we depend on cheap energy for our way of life. Coal is a cheap source of energy but it generates a lot of pollution. 'Clean Coal' technology should capture the pollutants and lock them away but the technology is expensive and has yet to be proved. In the meantime coal fired power stations are planned and in construction with no facilities to capture the carbon emissions.The meeting will be a change from the usual format, with peakers from two different points of view but both concerned with creating a cleaner environment with sustainable sources of energy. They are Terry Fox (TUC Clean Coal Task Force) and Jenny Patient & Anne Harris (Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change). They will help us explore and understand the issues involved. Sheffield Humanist Society

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