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Seminar: "Unbalanced Britain"

Sat 28 June The Circle Conference Centre, 33 Rockingham Lane S1 4FW

A one day seminar by Independent Labour Publications (ILP).The crash of 2008 and its aftermath exposed the self-destructive and self-serving character of neoliberal capitalism. The high and mighty bankers and financiers, and their allies, stood exposed for unleashing an economic tsunami upon humanity. Yet the dominance of these elites remains largely unchanged and unchallenged. As a result, Britain is becoming an ever more unbalanced society. It is marked by extremes of wealth and poverty and in power and influence. Inequality permeates all areas of life: in the world of work; in education; the media; in gender relations and in the economy, where corporate power has spread insidiously into all aspects of our lives. In Britain and more widely in Europe young people have been facing the full force of austerity policies, suffering unprecedented attacks on education and employment opportunities. In the world of work, a series of attacks on pay and conditions have entrenched the power of capital over labour leading to ever more insecurity. This first in a series of discussion meetings will focus on the position of young people and the world of work.There is no charge for attending but registration is required, deadline Friday 20th June. Please contact or call 07799

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