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The Free University of Sheffield!

Thu 1 May 2014, 11am-7pm, Octagon Centre, Western Bank, University of Sheffield S10 2TJ

The Free University of Sheffield is a grass-roots organisation of loosely associated students and staff based in Sheffield concerned by the current state of higher education. On May 1 they will be opening a temporary learning space in the University of Sheffield where people from all walks of life can come together as equals and share skills, resources and ideas. The intention is to embody a practical expression of how they think universities should be structured, and what they should be here to do, which includes the provision of a free education for all in an institution that is non-hierarchical and directly-democratic, and run in the interests of society as a whole rather than the profit of the few.They will be hosting a wide range of activities, likely including workshops, discussions, lectures, skill shares, resource pools and entertainment, etc. Confirmed events include:- Academic repression and the neoliberal university- Mindfulness- Consent workshop (Sheffield Anti Sexual Harassment Campaign)- Radical environmentalism and direct action- Feminism and nature in the 21st century- Critical animal studies- Intersectionality- Free software and why you should care- Sewing workshop- Industrial Workers of the World- Freeganism- Sheffield Student Housing Cooperative- Conclusory open discussion: (eg.) What was the point? What could have been done better? Where do we go from here?Octagon meeting rooms 1, 2, & 3 (11am-5pm) Octagon council chamber (5pm-7pm)Facebook eventFacebook profile

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