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The Autonomous University? First Planning Meeting

Mon 10 Mar 2014, 6pm, New Roots, 347 Glossop Rd

The initial planning meeting for a proposed project, which may be called the Autonomous University.The idea is to open an alternative education space in the University of Sheffield where people from all works of life can come together as equals and share skills, resources and ideas, to embody a practical expression of ideals that universities should be here to do. As such the space will be non-hierarchical, directly democratic, and anti-capitalist, whilst fulfilling an essential human right: free education for all. Whilst taking place in the university, the invitation is beyond the ordinary scope of campus in an attempt to direct (if only briefly) the functioning of university life towards benefiting society as a whole, rather than merely those that are able to pay extortionate fees.Regarding local and national issues, it does not seem that there will be a political situation on campus unless we create it for ourselves. This could be a novel and exciting solution that would get a lot of new people involved, and change the face of student activism for times to come. The kinds of activities that will be taking place in the space should be very broad, perhaps including debates on various political issues, numerous workshops, talks by university and non-university based groups looking for outreach, skill shares, resource pools, free lectures by academics, and will perhaps end with a gig (etc.) They are considering the provisional dates of Thursday 1st – Friday 2nd May.The meeting will be discussing the very basics of the project. This will include what they want it to be, where and how (and if) it is to take place. If this is something that you are interested in (whether you have been involved in anything similar before or not), then please come along - they would be thrilled to have you! Hopefully it will only need to have one proper meeting before this can begin to properly take form. If people would like to start inquiring to groups and individuals to see if they would be interested in attending, helping organise, or providing a service, then please do!Facebook event page

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