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Anti-fracking in Bassetlaw

Sat 8 Mar 2014, from 10am, Retford Market Square (south-east from Sheffield)

Dart Energy have a planning permit to explore and take core samples from various coal seams under land adjacent to the Danes Hill Energy Park near Sutton cum Lound, north of Retford. It is alarmingly near to wetlands and an RSPB centre. Coal Bed Methane extraction may well follow. There is a misguided feeling amongst local councillors and the Bassetlaw MP, John Mann, that it is only exploratory so there is nothing to worry about. They do not understand; no company spends the best part of £800,000 unless they intend extracting later. Work has already commenced, with vegetation cleared and the land flattened. Two security guards plus dogs are on site. Frack Free Nottinghamshire are communicating and educating people about the realities of fracking. Afterwards at Dominie Cross pub (Wetherspoons) on Grove Street for relaxation and an informal meeting on the way forward. It is leading to a public meeting at The Well, Hospital Road, Retford at 7.30pm on Wednesday 19th March.

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