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Shaping the Future of Anti-Fascism in Sheffield

Sun 16 Feb 2014, 3pm SADACCA, 48 The Wicker

Sheffield Anti-Fascist Network is a grassroots movement which aims to stop far right groups like the English Defence League from acting and organising. They don't rely on politicians or the police to protect us from racists - racism and fascism have to be confronted by the people most directly affected. Wherever far right groups attempt to organise, they want to be there to confront them and let them know they're not welcome, like when the EDL first tried to march through Sheffield, and were stopped by hundreds of people assembling to blockade their route.Beyond street mobilisations, we must challenge the racist ideas that groups like the EDL feed on. The EDL do not have any real answers, but we must recognising that sometimes they talk about real problems. Against the politics of hate and division pushed by the likes of the EDL and UKIP, the Anti-Fascist Network want to see workmates and neighbours working together to improve their lives. There are lots of different ways to spread the positive alternative we want to see, from putting on fundraising events to designing posters to just talking to people. Whatever you're good at, there's a way for you to get involved.Please email for more information.

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