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Demonstration: Free the Miami Five!

Sat 22 Feb 2014, 12 noon outside the Town Hall

Join Cuba Solidarity Campaign Sheffield for a demonstration, a simple way to show your support for the Miami Five. Come along and either hold a placard (see Sheffield Cuba Solidarity Campaign flashmob on Facebook) hand out a few leaflets or join in a bit of chanting. They are looking for a really good turnout, as this is the last demo before the Commission, in March (see below). Come along and bring a friend. If possible they intend to take the demo to the Peace Gardens as well.The 'Miami Five'—Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González—are five Cubans who have spent the last 14 years in US prisons, much of it in solitary confinement. Their 'crime': trying to protect their country from Miami-based right-wing Cuban organisations whose terrorist attacks over the past decades have killed 3,500 people. At the time of the Miami 5's arrest, the terrorists' main target were foreign tourists. The aim: to cripple a source of foreign exchange that has helped Cuba survive the US economic blockade. Due to popular vigilance and to intelligence gathered by Cubans like the Miami 5, the terrorists succeeded in killing only one tourist and wounding 11 others before their campaign was brought to a halt. The Cuban government presented US authorities with information gathered by the Miami 5 — and the USA used it to identify and arrest the Cuban patriots! During their trial — condemned by Amnesty as unjust — judge, prosecution and US govenment officials suppressed defence evidence and ensured key witnesses would not testify. René González, who had the shortest sentence, was released after serving his term in October 2011, and allowed home in May 2013, where he continues to fight for his comrades' release. An international campaign to demand freedom for the Miami Five is gathering strength. A major initiative will take place in London on 7-8 March: the International Commission of Enquiry into the case of the Cuban Five, to be attended by René González, if he's allowed a UK visa. Cuba, which has given so much solidarity to others around the world, whether as doctors in Haiti or soldiers fighting apartheid South Africa, needs and deserves our solidarity in return. They're our heroes too! Please add your voice to the campaign to release the Miami 5!For more information on the Miami Five, and to register your support, visit www.voicesforthefive.comKeep in touch, visit Sheffield Cuba Solidarity Campaign on Facebook

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