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Wool Against Weapons: Tea, cakes, knitting and revolution!

Thu 9 Jan 2014, 1.30-3.30pm, "To the Light House Cafe", Bank Street Arts, 32-40 Bank St. S1 2DS

Join the plotting for a peaceful new year! Creative peace actions against Trident and against Drone warfare are on the menu at the first meet up in 2014. Tea, cakes, knitting (optional!) and revolution! If you'd like to knit for "Wool against Weapons" and/or discuss and plan creative protest against Trident and against drone warfare do come and join in. They plan to meet every two weeks.A bit of background: The UK is one of only three countries engaged in armed drone warfare (guess what, the other two are the USA and Israel). Since April 2013 all British drones operating in Afghanistan have been operated by 'pilots' sitting in front of a computer at RAF Waddington, just outside Lincoln. There is a very well researched and growing international campaign against drone warfare, but they desperately need more support.There is a growing campaign against Trident missiles, now extending outside of Scotland, where there has always been lots of opposition. A campaign was launched earlier this year to halt nuclear weapons production at AWE Aldermaston and AWE Burghfield, where huge building programmes have already started, even in advance of any decision to renew Trident. East Midlands CND have been working over a number of years to highlight and protest against Rolls Royce building nuclear weapons. Sheffield CND is also involved in both the campaign against Trident replacement and against drone warfare.The final decision about Trident will take place in 2016, so it really feels like this is the moment to get actively involved in the campaign. If the UK goes ahead with the madness of Trident replacement, we will be a nuclear armed state for the next half century, and will have no legitimacy in any global moves to nuclear disarmament. There is lots of information on the CND website about Trident and also information about the international campaign against nuclear weapons at Street Arts is down the hill from the cathedral, near the junction of Bank St and Snig Hill, about 50 metres from the old Boardwalk)

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