Announcement: Happy new year from Alt-Sheff !

Date, Time & Location

Welcome to January 2014 in Sheffield ... keep warm!

Details For over five years, Alt-Sheff has been online as a public service, announcing details of events and organisations around our city. Every entry is checked, and hopefully accurate, but if you see something wrong or out-of-date please do email us. If we have snow this winter, Alt-Sheff will attempt to provide up-to-the-minute details of meetings going ahead and cancellations, as in previous years. So, if you are involved in one of the groups featured here, feel free to let us know the latest news in this case. Thanks. If you know an event that you think we should publicise, click "Submit Event" on the left above the calendar. Finally, remember to keep in touch with what is happening on the tabs above, like "News", "Links", etc.

Best wishes from Alt-Sheff