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Tue 5 Nov 2013, across Sheffield

South Yorkshire Peoples' Assembly presents a packed day of anti-austerity action in Sheffield. Throughout the day groups of ordinary people will take action, to defend their communities, Standing up for themselves and each other against a government that wants us back in the Poor House. Unions, community groups and individuals will be showing Sheffield's opposition to austerity and the cuts. Various actions will be revealed over the coming days, there is something everyone can do to get involved. Lots of different actions will take place across the city. including road closures, occupations and the targetting of tax dodgers.11am Demo against ATOS (Harthead Square, S1 2EL, behind Argos) and their work capability assessments. The Government claim that the welfare system is being abused just isn't true. Less than 0.4% of Incapacity benefit payments are fraudulent, but the government want to cut welfare spending by 20%. Instead of helping to get people into work, the government are closing workplaces for disabled people. This is about making ordinary people pay for a crisis caused by the bankers. Other occupy actions may be planned across the city. 12-2pm Alternative free market on Fargate, with stalls and actions. 4-6pm Anti-Austerity Rally, celebrations and action at the Town Hall. If you'd like to contribute to the bonfire in your own way, or just help out on the day, then please get in touch: Facebook eventSouth Yorkshire Peoples' Assembly website

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