Sheffield CND 2013 AGM

Date, Time & Location Wed 20 Nov 2013, 7.15pm, Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James St. S1 2EW
Details Dr Kate Hudson, Chair of National CND speaking on "Why We Need to Scrap Trident" The Sheffield Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is affiliated to both National CND and Yorkshire CND. It has an active campaigning presence in Sheffield, concentrating on the Scrap Trident Campaign and the North Yorkshire connection with the US Missile Defence System (in Fylingdales and Menwith Hill). Since the adoption by National Conference, in 2008, of the Sheffield Motion on the Militarization of University campuses, Sheffield CND takes a special working interest in the furtherance of this agenda item, Sheffield University being a particularly challenging case in point. Working within an informal committee structure, officers are currently as follows: Chair and Secretary: Kath Cripps Treasurer: Stewart Kemp All reports of business transacted will be found in regularly updated bulletin, and announcements of future events can be found in Dates for your Diary on the website. CND meets on the third Wednesday of each month, except August. Come and join in! Sheffield CND website