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"Making Diverse Economies"

Sat 7 Dec 2013, 1pm-5pm Portland Works, Randall St. S2 4SJ

Presentations and roundtable discussion by Charlotte Morgan and Julia Udall, featuring Kim Trogal, Myfanwy Taylor, AGENCY. The first in a series exploring ways in which we engage with the city with a focus on working together, this event focuses on the economy: co-production, labours of care, volunteering, social enterprise, gifts, bartering, salvaging and cooperatives. An Art Sheffield Parallel Project. It will include a brief tour of Portland Works, a series of presentations, opportunities for discussion, refreshments and an introduction to the new Makers Workshop, a place set up to foster collaboration and innovation and the sharing tools and expertise. Part of the Art Sheffield 2013 Parallel Programme. PresentationsAndy Abbott: Just Do(ing) It: DIY Culture and Postcapitalist Imaginaries.Andy Abbott has been/is a writer, an artist with artist collective Black Dogs, a gig promoter and a musician operating in the Do It Yourself circuit. He will talk about his experiences working, playing, producing and slacking in non-institutional, not-for-profit, underground and alternative contexts, with reference to writings by JK Gibson Graham, Bifo, Hardt and Negri and Kathi Weeks. Can we consider DIY culture as a site for the experimentation with, and production of, new subjectivities that propose an alternative (postcapitalist) world? Or is the idea of counter culture impossibly flawed in late capitalism? Claudia Firth & Mara Ferreri: Precarious Workers BrigadeMembers of a UK-based group of precarious workers and allies organising around issues of precarity in the culture and education sectors, will discuss their practice and its potential relevance, models of self-organisation that go beyond the mainstream mantra of entrepreneurialism so pervasive in cultural production? They will reflect on their ongoing work in emphasising the different economies that sustain and reproduce dynamics of labour and life precarity, and the ethics and working processes involved in a recent project for organising and commoning space and resources.Myfanwy Taylor: Nurturing London's diverse economies.Myfanwy will highlight ways in which dominant narratives of London's economy, as being driven by financial and business services, have informed approaches to planning policy and decisions that act to increase inequality and worsen the crisis of reproduction in London. She will discuss the shifting of these narratives in the context of ongoing financial insecurity and uncertainty, along with the re-inscription of gendered ideas about the value and productivity of different kinds of work. In this context, she will explore how collaborative research with communities might be useful in re-thinking and re-making London's economy as diverse, drawing on the "Just Space" Economy and Planning network of community groups seeking to connect marginalised forms of knowledge about London's economies within communities and universities, supporting participation in planning on economic issues in London amongst a greater diversity of groups and interests.Kim Trogal: Care makes commons.Kim will draw on historical examples of commons and mutual aid to explore the ways in which practices of care and stewardship participate in and produce diverse economies. She will discuss some of the economies involved (reciprocity, gifts, mutualism) and their relation to labour, value and cultural norms, specifically looking at the relations that unacknowledged practices of care and commons sustain. In examining these relations and bringing in examples from contemporary art, she considers how contemporary practices in art, architecture, curating, activism and urbanism might learn from commons, care and mutuality, to create new relations and new economies. Kim will discuss both historical and contemporary examples from Europe and the UK.To reserve your free place go to: Eventbrite pageArt Sheffield festival of contemporary art

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