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MAMAWE: Sharrow Festival Fundraiser

Sat 19 Oct 2013, 4pm-12.00 Old Sharrow Junior School, South View Rd (off Sharrow Lane) S7 1DB

MAMAWE delivers a day of integrational dance and fun, to raise money, energy and inspiration for the brilliant Sharrow Festival next summer.This event features the energy of Guinean ballet dance teacher Abram Diallo back in Sheffield. He caters for beginners and higher level dancers, blending the fluidity of African ballet and the eagerness to set free and reach for the stars through movement.

  • Drumming and dance workshop - Wuntanara
  • Djembe drumming workshop - Souleymane Compo. Wuntanara's Djembefola Souleymane bringing his expertise and amazing energy to Sheffield. As requested by many, this is the time drummers; make it happen and enjoy!
  • "Vibe Makers" and fusion of "Shakers" - shaking what Mama gave them!
  • The Sheffield-wide famous Papa Al delivering the vibes: the best of "World Music" at our feet! Treat!
  • Maskara UK - announcing the participation of this elegant and striking Algerian-born dancer, currently resident in London. A lover of her roots and a keen believer in the fusion of dance styles, Maskara approaches street and contemporary dance with a natural touch of exoticism .. Sooo Good!!!
  • Mulembas d'Africa – African Fusion, the exploration of the raw energy of the Angolan culture. Traditional dance meets contemporary movements and the heavy influence of the Portuguese, Brazilian and Latin cultures.
4pm-8pm - Workshops8pm-12 - Shakers and Vibe MakersThis is a very special moment for Sheffield – tickets available now. Final line-up subject to confirmation. Food supplied by Miss Adu's kitchenFacebook event

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