"Carbon Conversations" discussion groups

Date, Time & Location Starting Sep 17 and 30, 2013, in Hunter’s Bar
Details How can we cut carbon emissions in our day-to-day lives? A discussion group with Nick Nuttgens invites people to ask such questions, in a series of 6 meetings (3 weeks apart) to cover various topics like energy in the home, transport, consumption and waste.
 Something serious is happening to our climate, so the conversation will cover the scientific views, what people can do, and connect with others in the process. It is completely non-judgemental, informal, and it has been tried in other cities.

 There will be two groups, meeting 3 weekly, in Hunter’s Bar, from 7.15-9.15pm Tuesdays: Sept 17, Oct 8, Oct 29 (negotiable as it’s half term), Nov 19, Dec 10 + one tbc in Jan. Mondays: Sept 30, Oct 21, Nov 11, Dec 2 + 2 dates tbc in the New Year. People are welcome to come to the first meeting as a taster but are asked to commit after that. The cost of the series will be £20 per person, to cover handbook and teas/coffees. If you are interested please fill in this two minute survey about your availability. More information at:
www.carbonconversations.org www.surefoot-effect.com/Carbon_Conversations.html www.nicknuttgens.co.uk