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Sheffield Campaign against Climate Change meeting

Tue 17 Sep, 7pm Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James St, S1 2EW

The regular meeting on climate change (3rd Tuesday each month). Anyone interested in climate campaigning, or in linking their organisation to Sheffield Climate Alliance is welcome to attend. From 6.00pm the same evening there is also an informal pre-meet in the Blue Moon Café.Big energy companies are lining up to start fracking operations, 64% of England is under consideration for fracking so they could be coming soon to your neighbourhood. Fracking - or hydraulic fracturing - is a destructive and dirty process using a mixture of water and chemicals to blast rocks and release trapped gas and oil. Not only have these chemicals been linked to water contamination, but burning more gas pumps more carbon pollution into the air which warms the planet further, melting the Arctic faster and destabilising our weather systems even more. Perhaps the biggest scandal is that the government is bending over backwards to kickstart the fracking industry. George Osborne, the Conservative chancellor, has more than halved the amount of money that frackers have to pay in tax, even though it will do nothing to lower our energy bills. This meeting is open to newcomers, all welcome. 2013 is definitely turning into an important year for climate change campaigns. To find out how to get involved, email sheffieldclimatenews@gmail.comSCACC website

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