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Skeptics in the Pub: "Implicit Bias and Scepticism"

Mon 26 Aug 2013, 7.30pm Farm Road Sports & Social Club, Farm Rd. S2 2TP

Feminist philosopher Jennifer Saul throws into doubt much of what we think we know in a way that very much demands action. Unconscious and automatic biases against members of groups that are stigmatised in our societies can be seen as giving rise to a new sort of scepticism. She has just completed a book entitled Lying, Misleading and What is Said: An Exploration in Philosophy of Language and in Ethics. The website (below) gives more details.Skeptics in the Pub is about getting people together to have a relaxed and enjoyable evening while listening to talks on a wide range of topics, usually by a notable scientist or skeptic. The events are free though they ask for a £3 donation, and the meetings are open to all whatever your beliefs and views so please come along.

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