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"Storying Student Activism" Day

Friday 7th June, 1pm

From the anti Vietnam marches in 1968... to the occupations over childcare provision in the 70s... to supporting the miners strike in 1984/85... to a wave of anti fees and austerity protests from 2010, students have been at the heart of political change in Sheffield and the UK. "Storying student activism" day aims to recognise and celebrate these moments and replot activism in the student psyche....In a time of crippling austerity measures, war, environmental catastrophe (and general government madness!...) we have to remind ourselves of the crucial part we all have to play. We have to remember that the world doesn't have to remain the same, that injustice doesn't have a place to sit besides our text books and our interval lunches... And that our collective power as students, and with our wider community can make this world a better place for everyone. ****** "Storying student activism" exhibition ALL DAY *******A selection of photographs, pamphlets and articles documenting powerful political moments from 1906 to 2013. 1pm - Turning photographs and newspaper articles into a living breathing journey with our SU president from Firth Hall occupations, to Malcolm X's visit, to the VC's secret escape chamber...Stories of your experiences of activism as a student in Sheffield (or close associate!) are warmly welcomed on the day! Email for more information or to send any photographs/articles you may have for the activist archives!

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