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The Legacy of Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan Election

Thu 18 Apr 2013, 7pm, The Hall, St Matthews Church, Carver Street, S1 4FE

On the 14th April, Venezuelans chose a new President. With a commanding lead in the polls, Nicolas Maduro, acting President, leader of the United Venezuelan Socialist Party and successor to Hugo Chavez, was very likely to win. The Chavez government oversaw a wave of social progress that Maduro is set to continue. In 2002, elements of the right wing opposition organised a coup against Chavez which was defeated. With help from the US, they are now attempting to destabilise the country and discredit the elections. Colin Burgon, Chair of Venezuela Solidarity Campaign will be talking about the social advances being made in Venezuela, what is at stake in the elections and why Venezuela needs our solidarity.Sheffield Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

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