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Cycle for Nicaragua

Sun 7 Jul 2013, 8am onwards, Endcliffe Park

When The Sheffield-Estelí Society was establised, in 1979, Nicaragua was a country emerging optimistically from decades of dictatorship, under a new popular "Sandanista" government. However US sanctions, CIA destabilisation using armed "Contra" guerrillas, and various natural disasters mean that Nicaragua still remains one of the poorest countries. Sheffield and the city of Estelí were twinned in 1987. This bike ride is the main source of income, working with two other European cities, in raising money for educational and ennvironmental projects. Support and sponsorship is important, and the society works in consultation with local people and experts. The ride starts between 8am and 9am from Endcliffe Park (normally an open tent pitched on the access road below the junction of Ecclesall Road and Rustlings Road). It runs for 20 or 50 miles along country roads.Full details and registration forms from or tel. Sheff 2555550

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