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CALL OUT! Who wants to evict a millionaire?

Sat 13 Apr 2013

On 1st April, the government plans to introduce the bedroom tax, making 670,000 people worse off for the crime of having a spare room. If that wasn't bad enough, the cabinet of millionaire men are imposing a devastatingly low housing benefit cap, which will lead to thousands of evictions. Spending cuts are going to devastate people's lives up and down the country, pushed by politicians and powerful private interests hell-bent on making the poorest pay for a crisis caused by the banks. We know that people on benefits are not to blame, but they're being targeted to distract people from the greed of banks and rich tax avoiders.People are beyond angry – they are outraged. Protests around the country oppose these horrific cuts. We won't stand for it – it's time for civil disobedience around the country, targetting politicians who have been key architects of austerity – in the knowledge that their many spare bedrooms will be safe. Help make the creative direct action that we know works. See the Uncut website and check out their actions page.UK Uncut call-outUK Uncut Facebook

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