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Sheffield's first Repair Cafe

Sat 13 Apr 2013, 10am-4pm, Heeley City Farm, Richards Rd. S2 3DT

Bring along your broken stuff and find out how to mend it for yourself.People who know how to mend stuff bring their tools and get together over coffee with people with broken stuff to get it mended and pass on skills and knowledge. They hope to be able to mend small electrical appliances, toys, clothing, bikes (with Recycle Bikes of Heeley), shoes, china, kitchen utensils and so on. Repairs are done free of charge by volunteers, with the emphasis on community and skill sharing. If you can contribute skills, email to register. Also email if you want to explore running repair caf├ęs in your neighbourhood.More at email Heeley City Farm is 20 mins walk from Sheffield, Bus 33 or 47.

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