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Sheffield Workfare protest

Sat 23 Mar 2013, 1pm, meeting outside Central Library

WEATHER UPDATE: POSTED ON FACEBOOK LAST NIGHT: Unite Community Sheffield; Due to the horrible weather many of our activists are choosing not to attend this demo if others would like to continue then that's great but most unite members will not be attending.Boycott Workfare is holding a national week of action against workfare from the 18th-24th of March. To support this, people in Sheffield will be holding a protest against forced unpaid labour on Saturday 23rd. Join us to help put pressure on businesses that profit from unpaid work.Since the Sheffield Libraries campaign are also holding an event earlier at 12.00 (see below, or, be part of the action, tell the government and the council why they have just lost the plot. Meeting at 1pm outside the Central Library, then heading off to pay a visit to some workfare exploiters.Workfare Can Be Broken – Join the Week of Action on 18-24 March and help make it happenThe Government is pushing ahead with increasingly savage workfare policies despite the fierce resistance to the scheme causing many high street names and national charities to pull out.Unemployed people can now be sentenced to six months compulsory unpaid work as part of the Community Action Programme. On December 3rd last year – International Disabled People's Day – the DWP introduced forced work for sick and disabled claimants.Companies such as Superdrug, Argos and McDonalds, who have all been quick to take on unpaid workers on government schemes, have seen a year of boycotts, pickets, demonstrations and occupations due to their involvement in the scheme. Many national charities have pulled out as a result of protests, but some, such as The Conservation Volunteers (TCV), Salvation Army and Sue Ryder Foundation are unrepentent about their army of government subsidised unpaid workers. Many of the new workfare programmes depend on charities like these to provide placements.Workfare can be broken by showing these organisations that the public have clearly rejected unpaid work. Evidence has shown that mandatory work has no impact in actually helping someone find a job, the stated aim of the scheme. Instead workfare is used to replace real jobs, with some companies even caught taking on unpaid workers to fill temporary Christmas positions.Join Boycott Workfare on 18-24 March for a week of action against workfare exploiters everywhere. Take action in a town or city near you, join in online and show all those who profit from forced labour that we mean it when we say "if you exploit us, we will shut you down".

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