"Understanding Muslim Rage" with Ghaffar Hussain, Quilliam Foundation

Date, Time & Location Tue 4 Dec 2012, 7.30pm Lecture Room 3, University of Sheffield Hicks Building, Hounsfield Rd. S3 7RH
Details For many the image of Islam is one of extreme reaction to the sort of criticism that other religions and institutions accept as part of a free society. Ghaffar Hussain will seek to explain why many Muslims react in this way. He will focus on political issues, the way in which these issues are manipulated by Islamists and how hyper-sensitivity is linked to perceptions of oppression. Ghaffar Hussain is a writer and commentator who writes for newspapers from the Guardian to the Telegraph as well as for several on-line journals. He is director of Training and Consultancy at the Quilliam Foundation, the counter-extremism think tank. A Sheffield Humanist Society meeting, but note the time and venue are not the same as normal meetings www.sheffieldhumanists.org.uk