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Meet Palestinian writer and poet Ibrahim Nasrallah

Fri 16 Nov, 6pm-8pm, Jessop West Exhibition Space, 1 Upper Hanover Street,

A rare opportunity to hear the Palestinian writer and poet Ibrahim Nasrallah, author of 'Time of White Horses' and 'Inside the Night'. Born to Palestinian parents in Jordan in 1954, he grew up in a refugee camp. He is vice-president of Darat al-Funun, Jordan's most prominent art and cultural centre. He has written fifteen collections of poetry and eleven novels as well as works of literary criticism. He is also a painter and photographer.His latest novel Time of White Horses is a gripping, comi-tragic fictional-factual saga that takes place in the environs of Jerusalem, from late Ottoman times to the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. Ibrahim Nasrallah paints a vivid picture of Palestinian villagers' preoccupations and aspirations, their ties to their land, to their animals, and to one another. The experiences of Hajj Mahmud, chief elder of al-Hadiya, his son Khalid and his beloved steed al-Hamama, and other memorable characters relive the realities of the Palestinian village in the early twentieth century. It vividly depicts the impact on Arab rural life of Zionist colonization, the trauma that accompanied the British mandate, the beginnings of life under the Zionist state and the Palestinians' struggle to maintain their autonomy and dignity.Sheffield Palestinian Solidarity Campaign

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