ESRC Festival of Social Science 2012

Date, Time & Location Wed 7 Nov 2012, 5.30-7.30pm, Jessop West Building, Sheffield University, Portobello (Street) S1.
Details Public lectures and discussion on radical responses to the global economic crisis, the key economic and political issue in the world today. Both the causes of the crisis, and political responses to it, are highly controversial and contested. At this event you can hear the views of three leading radical researchers in this field, and discuss and debate them. The audience will gain greater understanding of the causes of the economic crisis. Was the finance system and its deregulation wholly responsible, or merely a catalyst for the eruption of deeper problems? Participants will also gain insight into the actions of business and governments since the crisis started. Whose interests did these serve? What are the options, and what radical strategies can be pursued? Public discourse about the crisis has been dominated by traditional mainstream economics. The event gives a platform to radical views which are seldom heard, enabling participants to have a more critical take on public debates. The talks:
  • Hugo Radice: The deep origins of the crisis, and its initial form as a financial catastrophe
  • Ozlem Onaran: The recession in the private sector, and fiscal crises: responses of capital and governments
  • Werner Bonefeld: The constitution of the Euro and class struggle in the Eurozone.
Admission free. If you can, please email in advance to book a seat. Transport: Tram stop: University (50 metres away). Buses: 52, 95, 30, 123, 120.