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SHARED PLANET conference

Sat 10-Sun 11 Nov 2012, Sheffield Hallam University.

National event of People and Planet. Find out about the world's big problems and share the solutions. The UK's biggest gathering open to all young people and students over 16, taking action for global justice. A conference on world poverty, human rights and the environment. Inspiring speakers, practical and informative workshops, debates, films, stalls and fun.2012 speakers include:

  • Lindela Figlan - Deputy Chair, South African Shack Dwellers' Movement
  • Kate Pickett - author, the Spirit Level
  • Natalie Bennett - leader, The Green Party
  • Joss Garman - political director, Greenpeace UK
  • John Hilary - Executive Director, War on Want
  • Ratna Lacham - Director, Just West Yorkshire
  • Ellie Mae o'Hagan - Guardian Colunist, UK Uncut
  • Danny Dorling - author - why inequality persists
  • Tim Gee - author, Counterpower - making change happen

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