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Sports Day for Children of Palestine

Sat 13 Oct 2012, 11am-6.30pm, Killamarsh Sports Centre, Stanley St. S21 1EL

This is a historic occasion: the first ever Children of Palestine Sports Day to be held in Britain. An event to express respect to Palestinian children trying to live normal lives despite decades of the illegal Israeli occupation, presented by Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign & PSC Northern. Proceeds will go to children's projects they have been supporting for 17 years in Jubalia, Nussairat refugee camps and Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. Every pound raised helps buy an extra book for the mobile library, new games, as well as general costs of running the centres. A recent UN report states that long-term prospects for Palestinian economic development became even more unattainable. The impact of occupation on the Palestinian productive base, especially the agriculture sector, has been devastating. The economy has lost access to 40 per cent of West Bank land, 82 per cent of its ground water, and more than two thirds of its grazing land. In Gaza, half of the cultivable area and 85 per cent of fishery resources are inaccessible. Sheffield PSC are not big enough to alter the grim economic reality, but they do what they can with this small scale material support for Palestinian children, libraries, books, play materials etc. Raising the money is a real gesture of solidarity and is part of the campaign to get justice for the Palestinians.Sports tournaments include six-a-side football, basketball. squash, badminton, table tennis, even chess. Races and prizes for children. If you are interested in taking part call 07715 048821. £10 per player, note this includes refreshments. Donations are also very welcome. Sheffield Palestinian Solidarity Campaign

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